Gallery – Dishes

Durable, beautiful, porcelain dishes. Place settings, serving dishes, tea sets… Microwave, oven & dishwasher safe – Starting at $10.00 per piece.

Ready to buy or custom designed pieces.

Customer Comments

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“I just wanted to share with you that when I come through your doors I feel like an old friend, I enjoy the chats and stories we share as I poke around your delightful cozy studio.
You know: a mug just isn’t a mug when Heather has made it. For me it is an adventure to the countryside, memories from my past, wonderful conversation and something warm and beautiful to sip my tea from. And some people just think its clay!

I am looking forward to filling my cupboards with more of your beautiful creations and scenic drives for a visit. I encourage more city dwellers to take a drive to Bon Accord and check out your Studio.”Charlotte DeCicco - Edmonton, Alberta